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From C.S. Lewis, to Bram Stoker, to James White, Northern Irish and Irish speculative fiction is best known for its imagined histories, futures, and alternate realities. However, speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, horror etc) from ethnic minority writers have been notably absent from the literary canon. While the island of Ireland has continued to grow more culturally diverse in the 21st century, there has been little engagement with how the cultural identity of Northern Ireland and Ireland has been transformed through immigration.

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Books Beyond Boundaries NI is a multiplatform Ulster University Project, funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, with one key aim; to encourage ethnic minority voices in speculative fiction on the island of Ireland. Through imagining diverse futures, we can create a more inclusive today.

Our project is made up of several elements, including a ten-week creative writing workshop, a creative writing anthology, an online academic conference, online and in-person readings, and an online learning resource centre for both adults and young people. Please browse through our website to discover more!