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New Worlds, New Voices: A Books Beyond Boundaries NI Showcase

Art by Joao Marcio

(Image by João Márcio)

This event took place on 18th November 2021, 7PM, The Octagon

Riverside Theatre presents a night of Otherworldly storytelling from Books Beyond Boundaries NI!

As part of the Being Human Festival, join us for a glimpse into the unknown, as we showcase new authors of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi writing on the island of Ireland!

From C.S. Lewis to Bram Stoker, our island is famous for new worlds and liminal spaces. However, the voice of ethnic minority writers remains notably absent. The Books Beyond Boundaries NI project seeks to change that.

This Ulster University project (funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland) encourages new writing from underrepresented voices in fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres. We believe that, through imagining diverse Otherworlds, we can create a more inclusive home.

This event was preceded by a short presentation by Dr Carolann North, curator of the Books Beyond Boundaries NI project.

See below to watch the showcase recording.